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no subject
Posted by terence2
7/6/2007  11:34:00 PM
Have to mostly agree with the last post.
I personally , have taught, coached, managed etc, for both Freds and A / M for over 45yrs ( on and off )

The main problem that seems to arise, the " bad apple " in the basket.
yes, there are some pretty dismal franchise owners .having said that, there are far more good ones, who make every effort to put a good product on the market.
many larger schools, bring in world class coaches on a regular basis ,something one would seldom get from an independant school .( cost prohibitive )
For those of you who are not informed of the chain school concept, it was an idea formulated by A.M., who came up with a marketing concept for teaching by mail.
this grew into what we see today. The idea , initially, was to offer lessons on a private as well as a class basis, on a mass level ,with expedient results.
No-- It did not turn out " dancers ", that was not the objective ( that came into place much later ).
The one thing it did,above all else, was provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere , for singles as well as couples, catering strongly to the social aspect of dance ( something we , many times , have forgotten how to do ! )
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