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Arthur Murray Tactics
Posted by NewJerseyDance
7/9/2007  7:36:00 PM
AM wants me to pay $6,000 for Bronze II classes. They want me to convert my 16 Bronze I classes to my Bronze II order. They will not teach me any Bronze II moves with my remaining 16 Bronze I lessons unless I sign up for the Bronze II.

With the Bronze II classes, I get 35 private lessons and 35 group lessons.

I am a woman and with the group lessons, there are so many women to men that there is never anyone for me to dance with.

So in my opinion, I am paying $6,000 for 35 private lessons (group lessons are useless) = $172/hour.

What do ya'll think of that?

The problem is I love the teachers and all the students. The teachers are extremely knowlegeable and have been dancing for over 20 years competitively. They are a blast and the dancing, which I have started in the beginning of February has brought so much joy to my life.

Can someone steer me in the right direction of what I should/could do at this point?

Thank you.

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