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re: C&W Two - Step; Two Variations?
Posted by ChampionDancesportKC
5/24/2003  8:09:00 PM
Hey all.

The "triple two -step" isn't such a new dance. Arthur Murray incorporated into their very first CW syllabus in the early 90's, and it was widely done in the midwest well before that. It was then called "The Shuffle". Many dancers thought of it as progressive east coast swing, and indeed it works well as a dance that can travel and then "stall" or stay in one place to accomplish swing patterns before moving on.

As for rhythm two-step...I have never heard of that...would the count then be QQQQSS? From your despcription I am picturing side-together, side-together, walk, walk...if that's right then I think this would be a tough one for maintaining line of dance as it progresses so far left each measure...I have never seen it done in Kansas City.
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