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Re: Syllabus Question
Posted by terence2
7/14/2007  7:47:00 AM
The IDTA, is one of the oldest dance bodies in the UK.-- it is an amalgamation of 2 long established Soc.
All countries that are in the competitive world, have governing bodies, whose prime concern, is to promote dance . Social dance is always at the top of the agenda ,

They also provide, a medal system, based upon, essentially, Bronze level, social dancing . ( higher grades are available )

Forgot to address the question about the Amer. style Latin. It is light yrs closer to the original in its style and interpretation. And , so it should be --- its origins are from that part of the world , many teachers working in chain schools were latinos, and the approach is completely different . Once having done " latino " style, you will probably never revert back .

One has to visit and dance in authentic latin clubs in the states, to get the true feeling for the " messeage " is all about
Member bodies of all countries , have pretty much the same guide lines for Amat. and Professionals, who wish to become members . There is also a world body, that sanctions the various comps, which carry that title ( among others )

Outside of the USA, the american style syllabus,is taught in several countries, but International style dominates at world level .

The USA, teaches both standards, side by side .Their system, is based upon the english medal test system .
Even though, some of the American dances are not included in the English Soc.--- they are still being taught by several teachers ( me included ) in the UK.
I switched to authentic style many yrs ago ( for my own pleasure )
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