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Makeup for First Competition
Posted by 5lisamarie
7/17/2007  9:24:00 PM

I will be participating in my first competition as a newcomer next weekend. I'm getting a giant case of nerves.......not about the dancing, but about the hair and makeup...especially the eye makeup. Are false eyelashes really important? I've never put on a pair till I practiced this week, I still can't get them on right. I've tried different eye makeup looks, but they look sloppy. I'm a fair skinned green eyed blonde........does anyone have any suggestions on applying eye make up that is easy and looks neat instead of like a little girl playing in Mom's make-up?
Re: Makeup for First Competition
Posted by dance_dance
7/20/2007  7:40:00 AM
I personally prefer to wear eyelashes. I think it makes my eyes pop much better.

For eye makeup, with your hair, eyes, and skin, I would go with neutrals. I think gold eyeshadow would be lovely. You will need to put on more than you would for everyday. I know you feel ridiculous, but you'll get used to seeing yourself like that. The first time I did a comp, I hated the way I looked, but I got tons of compliments on my make-up. Go figure!

Re: Makeup for First Competition
Posted by singndance
7/20/2007  5:03:00 PM
Hi LisaMarie,

You can get some good tips by scrolling through the old competition advice forum postings.

Is there a female professional at your studio? She should be able to give you some help and may even offer to give you a makeup lesson. Our pro gave us a lesson before our first competition, and always offers to do our makeup and hair at the competition. She can do in 15 minutes what would take me two hours.

The basics she recommends:

-Bronze blusher under the cheekbones, and brighter blush on the cheekbones and apples
-Eye primer (Mary Kay makes a good one)
-Shimmery white shadow from the eyelashes to the brows
-Black shadow in a "v" in the outer corners of your eyes and going into your crease
-Shimmery brown shadow on your brow bone and blended over the black shadow
-Blend, blend, blend that shadow, and apply more white under the brow and in the inner corners of your eyes if necessary
-Liquid eyeliner applied with a felt tip on upper and lower eyelid
-False eyelashes, definitely!
-Lots of mascara, more than you normally use
-Bright lipstick, pink or red, depending on your coloring and your dress. I put lipliner on my whole lip and then apply the lipstick - it helps the color last longer
-Translucent powder applied with a large brush to seal everything

Best of luck to you, and have a lot of fun!!!!

Re: Makeup for First Competition
Posted by 5lisamarie
7/20/2007  8:37:00 PM
Hello dance-dance and singndance......

Thank you both for the great advice.....I like the idea of the gold shadow.....and also the step by step instructions for shadow application. I appreciate the time you took to reply!

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