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Feather Timing
Posted by Ivan
7/24/2007  7:40:00 PM
Jonathan, i made a note of something written 2.10. 07. You wrote . And who teaches that a quick which is followed by a slow delays its placement of by half a beat of the slow. And goes on to say. But just about everybody in the competetive world dating back at least 10 to 15 year do. I can point out four Professionals who don`t or didn`t in the 06 Foxtrot Blackpool final. Howson. Hawkins. Crossly and Gozzoli. For my money they are right on the beat.
I think i can see where the mutations occured. At the end of the fourth beat which is the second quick, we rotate into a neutral position, some call it a balance position, on the count of four and. as we are aware the and comes from the beat we are on and not the beat that has not yet arrived yet. I also have the Blackpool tape on which Pat Thompson critisised Allen for not arriving on the second quick with the beat.. Like all mutations they never last.. what other ways are there. One is to rotate as we arrive . Or not to rotate at all and keep the left side leading, Another mutation which didn`t last. Very recently, last week i attended a lecture where it was said that for the Foxtrot S Q Q S has been since before 1914 and the Rumba 2 3 4 1. It will never alter. If anybody wishes to travell the world and teach differently they should first write a book and see if they can sell it.
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