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Re: Swing in international Foxtrot
Posted by Serendipidy
7/31/2007  4:19:00 PM
I can`t understand why you guys discuss the pro`s and con`s of a step when all you have to do is get your DVD out at see for yourself. You have heard that story how in ancient Greece these learned professors were argueing about how many teeth there are in a horses mouth. One young student said why dont we find a horse and count them.
Was the question. Is there Sway on the first step of a Reverse Turn after the Feather.Go and have a look and you will find there isn`t. Then go to your technique book and double check if you are in any doubt and you will find there isn`t any mention of Swing or Sway on step one.
Heres one to play with. Richard Gleave. Waltz. First three of a Natural. Drive on one. Swing on two. Sway at the end of three. Now lets go down to the stable.
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