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Re: no subject
Posted by jwlinson
8/21/2007  9:29:00 PM
My apologies if this duplicates, but when I hit "post" originally my message was lost...

The Latin Hustle we were taught by a big hustle dancer from back in the 70s has a 6-count basic step: 123&456 point replace coaster (back,together,fwd)step step. He showed us several steps which have anywhere from 6 counts, to 8,10,12 and more counts to them. We've improvised several steps ourselves, either converted from another dance or ones we've made up. Some West Coast steps convert fairly easily, with modification.

We were also taught the New York (or 3-count) Hustle with the coaster as 12&3, but I've noticed a few other studios doing &123.

There's also a slower 4-count hustle that I've seen that has no syncopation. Just 1234. Usually reserved for those who find the 3-count too fast.

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