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Re: Heel Leads
Posted by Serendipidy
8/24/2007  10:29:00 PM
Of course we continue rising . We never actually stop. Each part blends with the other. Which is as the technique book says in the Waltz. Commence to rise at the end of one. Continue to rise on two and three. lower at the end of three. You would be suprised how couples are doing the most intricate steps, but ask them to quote and explain those three sentences above and they can`t. Then ask the same question on the Foxtrot Feather Step . And what is the difference between the two rise and falls in the Waltz and the Foxtrot.. I blame the teachers for not explaining this right at the beginning. That`s providing they know themselves. In the studio i go to there would not be one person from the youngest to the eldest who could not answer and demonstrate all of the above. P.S. I lower on the and count, 3 and.
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