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Re: Heel Leads
Posted by anymouse
8/25/2007  8:17:00 PM
"with the NT which does not have a foot position on three as the foot is already in place so this gives you an extra half beat that has to be used up somewhere?"

Actually this is incorrect.

Step 3 begins when the foot is only halfway closed. As a result, there is still movement of the foot to be accomplished during the period of step three.

Reality is further confusing though: this portion of the period of step three will customarily take place during the second half of beat 2, such that the foot arrives ready to take weight sometime around the strike of beat 3.

In terms of using up all of beat three - some is used as your complete the rise, some is used as you lower, and some is used as you move the other foot towards the next step one, so that it can arrive on that beat.
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