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re: Samba Corta Jaca
Posted by vcalvin
2/15/2000  1:07:00 PM
You're welcome for the reply, Fred! I don't think there was anything wrong with your questions. This is, after all, a discussion forum, and the whole point is to share our views, opinions, experiences, etc. (for whatever those respective experiences are worth!) It would be nice if we could create new sections when threads go off-topic (as I am right now), but I don't see a way of doing that.

Dance boy, I hope you won't take offense when I say that it doesn't mean much to me that my being a competitor doesn't mean much to you I didn't mention my competitor status in order to impress anyone or to make myself out to be an "expert" of any kind -- I mentioned it to give context to my comments. And of course, you're free to take or leave those comments as you see fit, which is another great thing about discussion forums!

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