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re: Hey Ballroomers come and see if you have what it takes
Posted by Big-Sexy
11/19/2003  8:11:00 AM
HAHA,Yeah Aighty reader, like KC said loosen up, I can't help the way I talk aight, yeah I'll throw it on ya again. And what's with the personal comment, have I said anything to you. Aight then don't worry about how I talk, anyway the date is November 19, 2004. I'm the host to this page, so if your new and just stopping by, I'm a Hip-Hop teacher, I'm 16, But very mature for my age, doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. But before we have a fight in here, since you people won't clam the FU*K, over the word Aight which is a slang term for Alright. But this thing started out as me wanting to know what dance meant to you, but now I want to know " What is the biggest thing in dance that you have ever done," Ya'll ( You guys ) this can range from awards to concerts, oh yeah ya'll don't do concerts, but performances anything I want to hear form you, Oh and I'm updating my personal website, and their will a special page just on dance and if you want info on me, Aight, so holla ( hope to hear from you )
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