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Re: Cruise Dance Instruction
Posted by operabob
1/10/2008  4:57:00 PM
with 5 plus years of private lessons, we don't go to the lessons.

My wife and I teach. When cruising we always go to the lessons to help others out. We don't let anyone know we're teachers but it's a fun way to meet people.

We've had some great experiences like:

1. The time the ladies figured out there was someone in the group with experience. The teacher asked everyone to partner up and this rather large lady yelled, "Ahm gonna get me that one!" She then bolted across the room smacking my wife across the back of the head with her elbow sending my wife crashing to the floor. Our friends never let my wife forget it.

2. We met a terrific East Indian couple from Vancouver. There was also a terrific lounge "artist" (and I mean artist not singer) named Sherri Garafalo singing on board. Sherri was/is from South Carolina and everything was "Dahlin' this and dahlin' that". Her favourite singer was clearly Connie Francis.

One night we all went to the lounge. The Vancouver couple went to Sherri and asked if she might know this East Indian song.

"Oh, I know that!" and she proceeded to sign it in perfect Hindi with her South Carolina accent.

Things like that you remember.

We also had the time on a Princess boat (Sun Princess) where they had dancing before the show for an hour. Not the same on every ship but we'd go down and people left the floor to watch our group dance. Eventually, we'd go down and sit in the audience the first 1/2 hour so others would dance but then people knew we were there and everybody would wait for us in the audience. Quite funny. Other boats people don't care and just dance.

I find Princess not bad but you're not going to get major ballroom. We are planning on trying Costa.

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