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Re: Leg Rise vs. Foot Rise
Posted by Serendipidy
1/23/2008  3:57:00 PM
I will put this on once again. At a lecture by Steven Hillier he said When I rise my body stays down. And when I lower my body stays up. It is all done through the feet ankles and knees.
An excellent excercise to duplicate this to stand by yourself against a door on your toes with the back touching the surface of the door, Lower through the feet ( keeping the heel of one foot from making contact with the floor ) As the heel touches the floor the knees will bend so that the angle between the feet and the knee is 45 degrees and the same between the knee to the hip. Now of course rise with the feet then the knees in that order. A question to ask oneself is what is the angle of the foot from toe to heel in relation to the legs when fully risen. And how many times will the knees bend in three beats of music in the Waltz.
The lady or whoever is going backwards in the Foxtrot. I don`t know what you think but I think with the Sway that is required is all that is needed in the way of body rise to complement the man`s steps and technique.
I would just like to add this. You never know how far you can go in ballroom dancing. The winners yesterday of the Professional Rising Stars Latin at the UK Championships. They were also winners at the German Championship. Five years ago they were doing Rumba Walks around and around this hall every Sunday with the rest of us untill they moved to the UK. I used to get directly behind Julian and Melanie hoping their talent might rub off on me. Keep trying you just never know
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