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Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by dheun
2/2/2008  4:05:00 PM
Not that I can add much to a posting that has more than 30 entries, but I was a sportswriter by trade for many years, and still freelance sports stories for a daily newspaper for side income to this day. For whatever it is worth, the editors at the paper also assign me any dancing or ballroom dancing type features or events stories. Partly because they know I am interested in it and dance in local shows and such, but also because I think they view it as an athletic endeavor as well as an art form.
One of my favorite sports to watch is boxing, one of my favorite activities is ballroom dancing. The two are similar in the training, footwork, strength, balance and practice they take. One is violent, the other elegant. I learned both at a young age, and they are both dear to my heart to this day, some 50 years later. Both are sports -- athletic and artistic.
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