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Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by De Elle
2/4/2008  2:38:00 AM
Serendipity as I said previosly I believe that only in my opinion can dance not be classified as a sport and in saying so I would also argue that Ballet and Figure Skating are artistic are a form of art. I am not saying that people have no right to call Skating a sport, but what I am trying to say is the exact opposite- Activities such as Dancesport, Ballet and Figure Skating can not be categorically fixed as sport or art, but rather those that participate in and experience these activities must decide how to define them for themselves.
Serendipity I am also aware that in some countries dance is classified as a sport and is thus funded by government organisations. But in my opinion I do not believe that just because dancesport is sanctioned by the IOC as a sport it is deffinately a sport. I am sure that there is a large population of dancers in these countries that do not agree with the definition that their government has applied to dance. But we must face the fact that as a sport dance will be much more succesful than an art due to the large amouont of media coverage it will attract. Since the IOC accepted dancesport, I would argue that our activities popularity has grown and grown with a higher demand for it shown through the creation of shows like Strictly Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, etc. In my opinion those that do believe that dancing is a form of art will remain quiet when so many benneficial things are happening to what they love just because the world around them believes it to be a sport and not an art.
I think that you are right, it is impossible to answer the question raised. However answer me this question; Are those that participate in dancesport artists or athletes? I believe that once we have answered this question we will be able to understand Ji Yeon's question more thoroughly.
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