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Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Serendipidy
2/4/2008  6:31:00 PM
DeElle. I am of no importance and my oppinion counts for nothing. If it was left to me I would never have been instrumental in having Ballroom dancing
classed as a sport. And to even consider that it could become an Olympic Sport is too stupid for words. Look at the problems. A Russian dancing with an American. And none of them just for the sake of a few days would even consider dancing with one of their own nationality and cause a break with their regular partner. But now the IDSF have caused another problem by joining the IOC. Now they could call at my house anytime any day in or out of competition and ask for a sample.But they will never call on me because I am a nobody. Some guy in St Petersburg got lumbered because he wasn`t in the home that was down as his residence when they called. There was no competition pending neither had there been. Incidently if you are a professional competitor and they asked for a sample, which they wouldn`t. You could tell them where to shove their bottle.
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