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Re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Dr Elle
2/5/2008  2:05:00 AM
Serendipity I am not to sure how relevant your last comment was to the question at hand and I can't say that I clearly made a connection between what you and I posted.
It sounds to me that what you wrote has got more relevance to politics than philosophy. I will not argue for or against the IDSF and I will not critique their policies.
I am currently aware of the present tension in our dancing world between the major organisations and I REFUSE to involve myself in it.

The only part of your question that I will comment on is the fact that you do not agree with the IDSF's authority to request a sample for drug analysis. Personally I believe that this rule is an absolute necessary. This has nothing to do with art or sport but it has to do with law and equity. This rule ensures that those who participate in dancesport are not drug addicts or users which has a positive impact on the future of the sport. Imagine if there was no checking system in place. Younger dancers in the Juvenile and Junior age groups would be admiring not only the fact that there favourite dancers inspire them but also developing beliefs that the top dancers in the world frequently use illegal substances. They would then begin to 'experiment' in an attempt to 'be like the best'. A generation of lives destroyed to drugs. IDSF has developed this rule for this reason and also to ensure that no couple has any 'unfair' or 'morally questionable' competitive advantage over their competition.

At this point I would like to acknowledge that what I just wrote alludes to 'sporting' terms like 'competition', 'competitive advantage', 'the best'. When I think of dance, such words are not at the forefront of my vocabulary. However, the IDSF's rules are developed on the presumption that dancers are athletes. As a result we must analyse their rules from an athletic point of view and not an artistic one.

Most importantly I would like to conclude by saying even though the organisation may have defined dancing as a sport and continues to try to develop dance as a sport, not all of us dancers are on the same wavelength as the rules and must thus occasionaly adapt our beliefs 'temporarily' to those of the organisations.
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