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Re: re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by Composso
2/5/2008  2:24:00 AM
Hi Composso.
I am sorry if your getting really sick of my posts on this forum because I know I am but I thought I might just give my opinion on your question.
I think figure skating is an art while football, basketball, baseball and soccer games are sports.
Although there is obvious emotion involved, emotion alone does not define art. My opinion is that in art, true emotion is created from something-it is like a product of a reaction. In figure skating, dancesport, ballet, painting, sculpting, acting, etc we are able to formulate emotions from actions. In dance by creating even very elementary movements the product is an emotion (this would be a very weak emotion. To make it powerful one would need to combine other things into the recipe). I think that the same thing occurs in figure skating.

In sports such as swimming, soccer, basketball, etc, when emotion occurs it is not intentionally created from something, it occurs just like in everyday life. I believe athletes do not 'create things' while artists do. For instance, I have a girlfriend and she always nags me to put the toilet seat down. It's like a constant nagging and it makes me express frustration and anger. Does this mean that keeping my girlfriend happy is an artform?.....................................................ill tell you sometimes i feel like it is
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