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Re: speed of Salsa
Posted by Serendipidy
2/15/2008  5:08:00 PM
IndySpinner. I am no expert on the Salsa. I just use common sense. It is worth bringing to your attention that The speed that the Salsa is played is the same as the recomended speed for a Cha Cha. Did you also know that it is possible to do a Cha to a Rumba tune if the Rumba is set at 30bpm which is 120bpm Just put the syncopation in at the correct time..The recomended speeds for Salsa range between 30bpm to 35bpm. As with any dance that has a Latin Motion the first thing that will disappear is the movement of the hips if the music is played too fast. So is faster music a step in the wrong direction ?.
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