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Re: speed of Salsa
Posted by terence2
2/15/2008  11:59:00 PM
PLEASE PLEASE do not classify Salsa as a ballroom dance !!

The very thing we are trying to do as Pros is retain its integrity .

The songs of salsa cover a variety of speeds that CANNOT be controlled by strict tempo .
If one attempted to do that-- it would begin to look regimented--thats the one thing it ISNT, and thats why it has a world wide appeal .

World class salsa bands and groups play songs at different speeds for reasons-- its all about telling a story. Cuban Son and Guaganco are written at different tempos for a reason, as are Guajiras( they even change into the original form of Cha )

The " Son " rhythm that dictates ALL " rumbas" ( thats a collective term )is divided into 2 categories- Rumba clave and Son clave-- all this is tied into the composition of the music-- you CANNOT regulate that .

We have already messed up-- beyond recognition-- every latino dance we get our hands on -- and this one does not need to follow suit .

Before you start giving declaritive statements about tempos-- you need education into the culture and its music ( Ive spent 50yrs doing this, and am STILL learning ! )
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