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Cuban son and other salsa styles
Posted by latina7
2/16/2008  6:14:00 AM
I visit the site, justsalsa.com. If you open the home page and scroll down through the text you will see a link to the salsa dance steps page. Different styles are explained.
I have two points I hope people will comment about. The first is that Cuban son is described on the site, as breaking on three rather than two. Are there two ways to dance Cuban son?
The other is about the Eddie Torrez style which is described there. On newyorksalsa.com, Eddie Torrez style is said to be the style used when dancing New York stle salsa, and is said to be danced most commonly when dancing on 2. I'm ready to start learning on two, and wonder which on two style is most common, and most authentic.
Anyone please comment.
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