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Re: Cuban son and other salsa styles
Posted by terence2
2/16/2008  7:21:00 AM
The old " authenticity " Q---

1st-- Son rhythm-- originally written in a 4/6 time signature ( as musicians say-- NO Son clave -- no Rumba )

Clave is at the root of all Mambo ( all salsa is mambo-- BUT not all Mambo is salsa )

Actually, there are varying opinions on this-- it seems to have the better proponents breaking on the 2nd beat of the bar -- I have used 1, 2 and 3.-- reason ?, some songs just speak to me differently-- the hard core afficianados will probably say 2.

As to which you should learn for Salsa-- it depends on the circles in which you mix-- "1" is very dominant in many locales-- NYC has much more variety than anywhere ( including PR )and so both are everywhere . There are also some areas which are only on 2 .
"Two" was the established break in the fifties all over the states ( we all taught the same, other than style ) palladium dancers ( NYC ) more 2 than anything else-- same in LA .

I always tell people to do what makes you feel happy .-- leave the other stuff for the academics to debate and for ladies--- youre invariably at the leaders choice .

Finally, many Cubans will be quite adamant that mambo should be on " 1 "--
( the same beat that triple mambo was- and is - danced on )

Hope this didnt confuse you !
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