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Re: speed of Salsa
Posted by Serendipidy
2/16/2008  3:24:00 PM
Terence. Although I don`t agree with with your suggestion that we have already messed up-beyond recognition every Latino dance we get our hands. On the contrary If they are dances that are going to be taught then there has to be basic rules for the basic timing.I would say in the case of the Salsa the most popular tempo is about 30bpm. Now that there is a Salsa World Championship and a Salsa World Champion there has to be a set speed the music is played at. Breaking on two is another point.
Question. Is Salsa music 4/4 and Phrased into 8 bars. Also as the footwork appears to be ball flat does the toe arrive before the beat and the heel is down on the beat just like it is supposed to be in a Samba. Unless you want to be chasing the beat.Then that is out of time and begins to look muddy.
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