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Re: Cuban son and other salsa styles
Posted by latina7
2/17/2008  6:33:00 AM
Thank you Terrence, that's good advice; do what makes me happy. Why didn't I think of that! I've begun to notice, even at this early stage, how I'm developing preferences for musical styles and am beginning to develop my own style within the good technique being shown me by my new teacher. I will ask him to show me the different styles on two to see which suits me. again my goal is to be able to dance in the Latino clubs.
Interestingly, when I first learned salsa I had a hard time getting the rhythm. I was learning on the one, via group lessons, having no idea there was any other way. Now, I realize my early error was breaking on two instead of one. I'm able to go back to it quite easily, and have always found it more interpretive, with certain music. When my daughter began to learn, she had the same error. My teacher at the time was a natural dancer of Puerto Rican heritage, and dances on one only. I think it's good to know both ways. I like BOTH at different times, with different music.
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