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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by kaiara
3/13/2008  3:18:00 PM
I keep reading how there is more technique training in International, and how American fits the smaller dance floors better. So now I am still confused.

I want technique. For me, 3/4 of the pleasure is in fewer moves done beautifully. I would like to make my basics sing with beauty. I believe my instructor taught us mostly American, but also some International. She put emphasis on technique for those of us who wanted it; so when I look at the American Bronze and Silver DVD's most all the movements on both are familiar.

Yet, hubby is not exactly a dancer. I've way more experience than he has, and he needs things broken down so he can learn it correctly the first time--again, perhaps technique is more important for him as well.

I am willing to put in the time and effort to get really good at the basics.

And I am no closer to deciding between the videos than before I went all over this board reading.

To restate the question: Given that I intend to purchase one of the Bronze level DVDs shown on this site--which one has the better instruction? Which is clearer for the raw beginner (my hubby) yet gives enough detail to help me improve as well?

I appreciate input!
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