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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by phil.samways
3/14/2008  5:56:00 AM
Hi Kaiara
If your hubby is still fighting to learn basic figures, i would recommend a video/DVD which shows the leg and footwork very clearly. Not too much emphasis on technique except correct footwork.
International style, with its closed hold, will 'force' you to develop your technique, since it is less forgiving than American style. (I know many will disagree with this).
In the past i bought tapes by Augusto Schiavo and Caterina Arzenton (http://w-w-w.dancesport.uk.com/video/index.htm.)
They're a little dated, but i think you'd find them useful. I'm sure there are lots of good ones out there which i've not seen.
Just one other tip - work on your hubby's posture from day 1. This is much harder to get right than any footwork
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