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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by kaiara
3/15/2008  6:44:00 AM
Actually, I have gone to the Learn the Dances on this site and am confused still.

Hubby is a physicist and Engineer--he wants it all broken down and the physics of the moves explained--I keep telling him that is unlikely to be out there at all.

On youtube I found a couple of videos that show the steps, but there was nothing on posture in this and honestly, if all I want is to stop around the floor I can get lots of partners for that! I mean, our Square dance group is fun--but mostly just rhythm and following directions. The Round Dance group is fun but lacks those things that set ballroom apart from the called dances.

Hubby has agreed to learn to do this properly so that dancing with him will be fun for me--he doesn't care. What is fun for him is reading blogs on politics and science then discussing the readings for hours.

I read blogs, think and discuss--HE is going to learn to dance a good Waltz!

So I guess I now go purchase the American Bronze level DVD and hope that it helps him....

But the Alex Moore book breaks things down better and does not seem to follow the American...

Diagrams....are there diagrams out there?

Doesn't ANYONE do a video that gives close-up instruction on the footwork for the steps, and separately handles the posture?

Ah well, thanks for the help, I'll be back to check for more advice because I haven't purchased the DVD yet!

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