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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by terence2
3/16/2008  1:56:00 AM
Youve been given a lot of " mixed " info here.

Have trained numerous Prof. and amat in both styles .

Your 1st consideration should always be usage. If you are only interested in the social aspect ( tho there are comps in Amer. ) then the Amer style Br. will suit your needs .

Also -- there is as much " techn. " involved in the execution of this standard if taught and danced correctly.

I have a HUGE disagreement with the non contact approach in the smooth. My staff were always trained ( as are my students ) to dance in closed position, and taught to lead with the body, from day one .

The reason that Amer. smooth Br. was taught in an apart position was due to the social climate that existed when first introduced in the 30s/40s .It still persists in most " chain " schools to this day . (I always changed the concept when I coached in them )

As to open work, which someone mentioned , that really does not need to come into play for quite sometime .

NOW the most important thing for you to know- you will NEVER learn how to dance from a video. They are made to ASSIST your practical application , and knowledge gleaned from lessons, a tool , if you will .

There is no substitute for the class or private lesson-- a video cannot answer questions !
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