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Re: re: ECS - Ballroom vs. Non-Ballroom Style
Posted by terence2
3/26/2008  5:01:00 AM
Have a couple of issues with your " take " on the step comparison .

As to turning out, its more of a style point, and of course, the speed of ALL music determines to a greater or lesser degree , the style we wish to impart .

I believe that from your post, you have come to a conclusion, that ALL EC dancers ( B/room trained ) look the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth .
have taught EC, WC, Jive et al since the fifties, and hopefully I have adapted the style with specifics in mind

1-- the type of music

2-- the speed of the music

3-- social or comp.

4-- age and ability .

That format has to be observed , no matter the genre .

Creativity has to be encouraged , to the degree of the students capabilities .

As to codification-- the whole point of social dance ( to a large degree ) is the abilty to dance with all and sundry, no matter the venue -- its very nature demands a certain "likeness "-- thats what has made it so successful.
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