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Re: re: ECS - Ballroom vs. Non-Ballroom Style
Posted by Serendipidy
3/29/2008  5:51:00 PM
Terence Did you notice that your writting is dated 3/26/08 and the one below 1/12/05. Was all that time abducted by aliens. Are we living in a time warp.
Never the less. Put one of those Posture Frames on to feel the correct stance for Modern Ballroom. They use them for Latin also. In the Jive it wouldn`t interfere with what is called an A Frame Posture . The heads are closer than the feet and the arm at waist level completes the A Frame Posture. I saw an old movie in which the scene was an American Jiterbuging during the war in a forces club like Grovesnor Square in London. They were really bent forward at the waist. The knees appeared to be very permanently bent.
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