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Re: re: Hey Ballroomers come and see if you have w
Posted by B.U.-ballroom underground
3/30/2008  12:32:00 PM
Yo Hip HOpper... wazzz up! I checked out what you had to say and I gotta tell you man... I think your opinion is tight!

I have seen the differences in ballroom and latin dancing... and yeah it's true you can fusion together two styles...

CHa CHa and Funk or Hip Hop are a good example of keeping dance authentic and genuine from the soul.... FUNK..... and then still magnify the funk out of it with a clean dance frame ... BALLRROOM... and a synergy between you and your partner to keep the grind going.. ya knaw what I mean playa!... in otherwords i dig your vibe on keeping in open mind to where dance can go... anyways... i just came on your presentation and I felt compeled to hola back!


~X from B.U. Academy
(Ballroom Underground Dance Academy)

Feel free to hit me up any time at leox68@gmail.com
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