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Latin Hip Motion
Posted by Erik
8/9/1999  5:52:00 AM
I refer to your interesting lesson on latin hip motion.

For the application of this hip motion, you refer to rumba, cha cha and mambo. Haven't you forgotten Jive ?

On an exam I was asked to explain hip motion in jive. On which counts do you have hip motion: 1 2 3a4 3a4 ? I am (quite) sure (although) about counts 1, 2 and 4. But what about counts 3a ? And how do you compare hip motion in jive with the one in cha cha ? On the exam I recalled something about a "delayed merengue hip" versus a "straight cha cha hip" but mentioning these in relation to jive got me even more confused.

And now I wonder also: is there no hip motion in samba ? Or is it less pronounced ?

Thanks, Erik.

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