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Common Mistake
Posted by Serendipidy
4/10/2008  1:11:00 PM
For the lady. The first two steps you ever take in a Quarter Turn in the Quickstep.
1. LF back diag to wall turning to the right.
2. RF to the side on same LOD BACKING THE WALL
3. Close RF to LF 9 face diag. to centre.
Step 2 and 3 if the turn is made too early the lady being on the inside will arrive before the man and will consiquently lose the correct position she should be in.
This occurs in many of the dances. V. Waltz is another.
It could be called turning and arriving too early with a total disregard for the partners body position.
If this is taught early before the bad habit becomes muscle memory it can only benifit the dancers future development. Also take a look at the first three of a Natural in the Waltz for the lady, especialy on step two.
This is one thing that can be learnt from a Technique Book
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