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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Serendipidy
4/14/2008  11:03:00 PM
Anonymous. A normal Quarter Turn starts facing diag to wall . If you follow the Quarter Turn to the Right with a Progressive Chasse you will finish facing diagonal to the wall. Hold that line for the Lock Step which is normally commenced and finished facing diagonal to the wall.
If you are using a Heel Pull for the man to finish facing diag to the centre. I think that would be a 1/2 turn wouldn`t it.
What is most important for the person on the outside of the turn is that they will be on two toes as the left foot is placed to the side which is why the footwork on the first step is down as H.T. and the person on the inside of the turns footwork is not down as T.H.T.
The Heel Pull is so old- fashioned I think the only time it would be used is if it is to be followed by a Chasse Reverse Turn.
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