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Re: Asking a guy to dance
Posted by Serendipidy
4/18/2008  6:17:00 PM
I`ll add my bit to this. Where I live at a social dance, or a teaching class there is always played a Progresive Dance at the beginning of the evening where every few bars usually eight the lady moves on to the next partner. These Progressive dances can be and usually are Foxtrot Tempo. Jive or Cha Cha. They are all set pieces which everybody here know. The idea is to get everybody to meet each other early in the evening, usually to get the ball rolling.. They go under the name of Progrssive Jive or Cha . Samba. The Foxtrot Tempo have the names The Stroll. The Barn Dance ( this is the best known and the most often played of all ). There are many others. I just picked the most danced. It is esentuall for these dances where we change partners every eight bars that the music is eight bar phrased with a four bar introduction.
This has an added bonus. At a very early age we know what is meant by phrasing , without it we would find it awkward changing partners in a Progressive Dance. Not often but it has happend a disk that is not phrased correctly is put on. Everybody will stop and look to the music person who will quickly appologise and put another disk on.
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