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Re: no subject
Posted by Serendipidy
5/17/2008  3:02:00 AM
Is the International Style of Dancing a Sport. Of course it is and has been recognised as such for years in some European countries. In those countries it had to be recognised by them as a sport to get access to money and other benifits that is available for other sports. It was a major step forward to be recognised by the IOC but I think only a fool would ever think that it will be part of the Olympics. There are two many problems. Take just one name for instance. The now retired but stiil demonstrating throughout the world Brian Watson. Which country could he represent. He is a South African who has danced for England as well as Germany with partners who are from which country and in turn have danced for a few different countries. Michael Wentink now dances with a Japanese partner for Japan is another. Other problems that come from mixed partnerships, some of them are here today and gone tomorrow, you can figure out for yourselves.
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