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re: Samba Corta Jaca
Posted by Fred Bolder
2/15/2000  12:41:00 PM
Thank you both for the reply. I didn't know that there was a differents between the "1&2" and "1a2" notation. I think the "1e&a2e&a" method is perfect to describe the rhythm of the Samba. With this method you have info on the beat values and the start of the figure. We dance the Traveling Voltas like "Dance boy" describe (1a2a3a4). For the Corta Jaca we use the rhythm (a1a2). I believe that "Dance boy" is right that the figure I learn is not the original Corta Jaca, but just a variation. I agree with him that you should have a technical book. I have a book, but for the Corta Jaca I can only find SQQQQ. Is "12&3&" a good notation? Can you start the original figure with the Slow step on count 1? I agree that if everybody post this kind of questions, the forum could be messy, but I think in this case it's different. The Corta Jaca is a special figure of the Samba with a "strange" rhythm. In my opinion it's very interesting to talk about it. I have learned a lot from your answers. It is not always possible to ask your teacher. That why I think this forum is great. Perhaps the topics should split in more sections.




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