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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Serendipidy
5/22/2008  5:32:00 PM
nigelgwee. It does get interesting and the books somewhat contradictory. When it says On the Reverse Turn in the Foxtrot on the second step " RF to the side across the LOD. Then it says"
" Continue to turn on the RF ".
Why would I continue to turn on a step that I have completed. So I go to the demonstrations of both Luca and Marcus.
Then I start to see other things that I hadn`t noticed before. The raising of the left heel at the end of step one. And how close to the RF the LF goes ,brushing and under the body before stepping back LF.
This is also interesting. Richard Gleave teaches that on an Open Imputus Turn. As the LF goes back on step four the head goes back with it. This ensures that the turn is made over the LF. Good Luck.
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