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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Serendipidy
5/23/2008  5:52:00 PM
nigelgwee. First the Fourth step on an Open Impetus as taught by Richard Gleave has nothing to do with sway. The instruction is that the head goes with the man`s LF as he steps back down the LOD. If you don`t, you will walk away from your head leaving it in a forward position in relation to your LF and the body weight. Also from the book. Close RF to LF turning on the Left Heel. This is also a Closed Impetus Turn.If you can find Luca and Lorain`s Slow Foxtrot Demo. Which is on a tiled floor therefore it is simple to see exactly where he is stepping and on what alignment. If you can see any turning over the RF after step two is in place then you can tell me. After that you might find Marcus Hilton`s Basic Foxtrot which you will find is exactly the same.
One more point. Whenever we step to the side in any of the dances we will step from a toe to a toe in a position which is up, having raised the heel of the supporting foot. This is attention to details.
Looking at Luca again on the eighth bar of music see how he takes a half a turn over his left foot into a Reverse. The RF , the one under question can be seen as clear as day.
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