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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/24/2008  1:47:00 AM
Hi to All,
In the slow Foxtrot, the second step of the Rev Turn, is a forward step,- do not swing the leg around partner, as Waltz - and when the majority of weight (would this signify the end of step 2 of 1/4?) is received onto the RF turn is then made, making sure that the left foot brushes to the ankles of the right foot and in so doing keeping a small base, before stepping back.

The way to remember this is to count 5 forward steps, starting with the Feather Step on the RF and not to think of swinging into a turn between steps 4-5, but just to step forward and then back for step 6.

If you have never danced it this way, try it. This is what you are seeing when viewing the videos.

I would like to mention that Loraine Barry (Baricchi) is in my opinion one of the best lady dancers of all time.
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