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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Serendipidy
5/24/2008  2:15:00 AM
lluv2Dance. You aren`t looking at the videos on youtube that I am looking at. Just as the technique book says they step to the side , across the LOD on step two. You tell me. Can you see any further turn over that step two on the man`s RF. It makes it easy to see dancing on a large square tiled floor. I can only tell you what I can see. I have been able to copy onto my computer the ones I am refering to. Luca`s RF does not move even a fraction of an inch. Anybody can see it if they wish.
The trouble with most that I see is that the CBMP on the Feather Step is not done correctly. The left shoulder needs to be on a line with diag to centre. Not square to the middle or even worse pointing diag to centre against the LOD with the foot where it should be and that is diag to centre. In a nutshell the later is CBM . It should be CBMP. Only then can you get the turn that we see done by the best.
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