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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/24/2008  4:12:00 AM
Look again and you will see a forward step on step 2 of the Reverse (Rev) Turn. It is not to the side until the turn has commenced. Also you'll notice that the hips are only turned on step 1 of the Rev, to bring the lady back into contact from the outside partner step which was danced in CBMP. Then it's the shoulders that continues the turn. The hips align up with the shoulders when the foot turn is made on step 2.

A common fault is for the man to continue to turn to the left, through the hips, which can cause the lady to be pushed back and to lose control of the heel turn on step 1.

Please don't write and tell me the definition of CBM, as used on step 1 of the Rev.

This message should keep you going for awhile, Serendipidy.
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