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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Serendipidy
5/24/2008  4:50:00 PM
I would say that some of you like an ostritch have your head in the sand. I notice that nobody disagreed that the Reverse Turn is now being done differently to the way it was in the Stone Age. I would assume that the videos I mentioned were looked at. I don`t see anybody claiming that the RF did moved any further than the spot it landed on which is backing the LOD.
There is no exactitude in dancing. What you are saying is you can please yourself. Not if you are backing the LOD absolutely square to your partner on step two of a Reverse Turn in the Foxtrot. If you don`t see that then please write in and tell me what you think you do see.
Repeat after me. There are none so blind as they that will not see.
Do yourselves a favour and just go to Learn the Dances on this site. Then the Reverse Turn in the Foxtrot. Who is game to tell me how much turn is made on a Reverse Turn over the Left foot.
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