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Re: Attention to details.
Posted by Serendipidy
5/25/2008  2:40:00 PM
lluv2dance. I take it that you have looked and studied closely the videos i have mentioned including the one on this site. If as you suggested that the second step of a Reverse Turn in the Foxtrot is straight ahead. That is not across the LOD as is written in the technique books. I can only say go to the Revere Turn Foxtrot on this site and tell us how much turn is over the man`s LF. It will only take a minute. Then compare it to Luca or Marcus and you will find they are identical.
As for step four it has been in the books since the beginning that there is foot rise on step four of the Reverse Turn. I dont know why you think I said anything different Alex Moore makes a point
of saying this ( see page 23 )and the footwork is THT.
How did the Spin Turn get into this.
Just follow the correct technique. Half a turn over the LF , no rise untill the end of step five. The rest of the turn is made between step five and six.
Back to the Foxtrot. Unless the correct alignment and the CBMP is applied correctly the Reverse Turn will not be done as it should be done.
Lets analyse this a little further from the ladies side. She is doing a Heel Turn. If I step onto my RF. Doesn`t that send the ladies weight to her Left when it needs to be over her RF on a Heel Turn ( singular ) and not Heels Turn which is plural. Do you see the difference.
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