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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by kaiara
5/29/2008  7:56:00 PM
Well, I finally found a beginners DVD that does break things down the way hubby needs it. I liked how the dancers showed the step, then each time they repeat it, they explain a different aspect. It is the way hubby learns.

A friend is teaching us because hubby doesn't like the way the one teacher locally works. She expects everyone to pick up the steps quickly and hubby doesn't work at that speed.

Well, there is another instructor but she only teaches classes of mixed dance and I don't want to learn five different dances at once, I want us to work on Waltz.

Hubby is doing wonderfully, as he learns, his body seems to remember the steps even if he gets flustered and insists he cannot remember the steps he has learned. When he stops analyzing and just dances he is quite GOOD!

He has such good posture that frame is actually not an issue, and he has been a really wonderful lead from day one.

Our friend added a room to his house for dance, he can do five couples or two squares comfortably. He and his wife enjoy having evenings for various types of dancing so people can come practice. This also means there are always several people around to give feedback.

We are having FUN!

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