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Re: Making the last 50
Posted by terence2
6/2/2008  4:18:00 AM
Heres the irony of the present day " makeup " of partnerships in residency .

At least 75 % of the couples dancing for the USA, are of foreign origin ( not even citizens in many cases )

The opposite of that-- Jonathan dancing for the States when he is as English as the day is long !! .

How different the results would be, if you were only allowed to dance for your country of birth in not natuarlised in another country .
Re: Making the last 50
Posted by Serendipidy
6/3/2008  3:33:00 AM
Terence. With our dancing . I could arrive in the USA . If I give my address as in the US. Then USA goes against my name. Six months later I could be with England alongside my name. Or I could keep Australia right through regardles of where I am living at that time. Did you know Michael Wentink now dances for Japan. This problem will always be with us when it comes to talking Olympics. I doubt if there is any answer.
Re: Making the last 50
Posted by terence2
6/3/2008  5:51:00 AM
oh but there is-- every problem has a solution .

here,s 2 ideas

1.. the male of the partnership would have to be a citizen thru birth , or naturalisation .

2. a permanent residency of 5 yrs min. ( again for male )

What the current system does essentially is this.. it demote its natural born competitors to a sub level, which is not entirely their fault.
the europeans have had far more access to top level training before they even enter, for e.g., the States .
it has always seemed a little disingenuous to me, that one could be a representative just by " showing up " .
it does , however , speak highly of those who are from there when reaching semis and finals .
Re: Making the last 50
Posted by Serendipidy
6/4/2008  5:57:00 PM
Terence. It wont work. Tennis is an Olympic event. The sme rule must be for all no matter what sport. Shall we have Tim Henman playing with Sharapova. And then another problem.If I set up residence in the USA. Can I spend most the year abroad and still qualify as a prospective American. I don't think so. If I want to become anything in this dancing world I must go where the action is. Europe.
Re: Making the last 50
Posted by terence2
6/5/2008  12:02:00 AM
I think if you look at the results from B/pool, you will see how the States is making significant headway ( winners of rising star latin, 2 couples in final-- Standard ).

No one would Q the availabilty of top class coaches on a more frequent basis, but many couples are now travelling to UK, and coaches to the states on a regular basis .

The European dominance is being gradually eroded ( by europ.. living in the states ! )

And as to setting up residence in the states and spending significant time abroad ?... yes that is OK, it is not against ANY comp. rules .

As many in the world, you seem to look for problems... I prefer to look for solutions .
Re: Making the last 50
Posted by jofjonesboro
6/3/2008  7:14:00 AM
Terence, I believe that Serendipidy's point is that we here in the US have access to some of the best dancers in the world. I don't think that Serendipidy is guilty of any jingoistic crowing (I'm not even sure where Serendipidy lives).

I may point out, though, that the US has always imported more of its top level artists and scientists in all areas than it has developed domestically, a trend that has been maintained since our country's founding.

Doubtlessly, this fact is due to cynical American attitudes about education. That subject, however, is for another discussion board.

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