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Re: DVD dance instruction--recommendations?
Posted by kaiara
6/9/2008  9:40:00 AM
This discussion helped me a good deal. I had taken lessons over a years period so most of what hubby is learning I am comfortable doing.

I took my questions back to my previous instructor and she clarified that her classes are primarily American, but she also has taught a little bit of International. Mostly people around here dance socially.

I just want to be really GOOD at it.

Hubby still wants DVD's but I'm hoping to talk him into a few private lessons in conjunction with the DVD's--DVD's being homework.

This whole field is complex and confusing. For me, it is very important to have good technique and style, not just a few steps. Most anyone can get around the floor doing steps--I want to DANCE.

Anyone understand what I mean by differentiating the doing steps and dancing?

I knew two girls in high school who played piano, one was note perfect but there was not heart in her perfectly executed pieces of music, the other girl would make the occasional error, but her playing on the piano brought the piece to LIFE, it was music in a way that the perfect note perfect playing was not. (I always hoped that the note perfect girl grew up and let her heart pour into it so that she made music too but I moved away and shall never know.)

Lots of people do steps around the floor, I want to really DANCE. Maybe not every variation out there, but each step I learn I want it to move from step step step into DANCE.

I hope I am making sense and not just being foolish here.
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