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Re: re: ECS - Ballroom vs. Non-Ballroom Style
Posted by musselmant
6/11/2008  10:42:00 AM
Social lindy events I've attended show few people dancing Savoy style (leaning forward from the waist). Most people have upright posture. The main difference I have noticed is the spectrum of "up" feeling from Jive (way up), to West Coast Swing (mostly up), to Lindy (down into the ground feeling, not up like waltz). Since I first trained in Lindy I find dancing with Jive/Ballroom people very, very hard to lead. They don't seem grounded and don't follow well but seem to be trying to bounce up to the ceiling. I think dances with African roots (Argentine tango, salsa, lindy) direct energy down. The ballroom world seems to direct energy up no matter the dance.
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