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Re: Confused by Rhumba steps on beat 1
Posted by Serendipidy
6/14/2008  6:12:00 PM
Rianto. I would suggest that you go to Learning Centre to the left on the opening page.Then find Latin Motion Have plenty of paper in your printer.You will find that the Hip only moves on beat one. You could say to yourself Stop, on beat four. And then pass the hip over on beat one. That is called a Latin Motion.
( I will add this. Some ask why a Tango is not classed as a Latin Dance. Answer it doesn`t have a Latin Motion ). Now back to the Rumba.
There are some teachers who teach not to count beat one. They say 2 3 4 hip. Don`t forget to also look at Spins and Turns. And as I said have plenty of paper in your printer.
There are many steps where the hip will not be used on a beat one, the Spiral for instance or a Spin. Good Luck
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